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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Mobile (home and landing page)

Communication Brief

Communication Brief PDF

Communication Brief

1.      Project Summary:
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf wants to keep giving the best possible to their customers. This might be possible with a little help by technology. By adding a new mobile website The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will give their customers a better infective, accessible and easy experience to access their products and use the services. The mobile website will include an easy to use menu, store locator, and social media so the customers can interact with other people, among other features.

2.      Audience Profile:
The audience profile is people who enjoy drinking coffee and tea whether is cold or hot. People between the ages of 16 and 40, both genders who don’t really have the time to prepare their coffee or tea (favorite blends) at home, or who randomly has the desired to drink a cold or hot drink. Although people with less or more age also enjoy The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf products, most people usually go before or after school/work or during lunch hours. When it come to budget The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has really affordable prices that are accessible to anyone. Since the redesign of this site will include flexible grids customers will have the advantage of access it from different devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobiles phones. As one of the main features of the website, every customer will be able to locate a store near them. While they get to the store they can check out the menu so they will be ready to order once they get to the store. Since the website also offers a social media page you can share your experience with other people.

3.      Perception/Tone/Guidelines:

Current: The website as in right now is more of a sales website. The colors really work with the logo, but some information is really hard to find. For example to find the beverage menu you need to click on about us then click on more, which I think is kind off add because on the about us page you will normally find the history of the company.

 Desired: Make the website friendlier to users, focusing on what is the main reason people will go the site instead of a store. Making it easy to find the top seller products.

4.      Communication Strategy:
The communication Strategy will be base on the organization of the site. Making sure that customers can find what they need with less than 4 clicks. Also by adding useful links such as store locator. Also having a easy to navigate menu that will feature the most important content like coffee and tea menu as well as merchandise. Plus will also try to remake the important feature through color.

5. Competitive Positioning:
The main competitor that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has is Starbucks. The advantage that the Coffee         Bean & Tea Leaf has over Starbucks is the fact that Starbucks is well known for serving coffee but people         who don’t or can’t drink coffee will relate more with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. It all depends on how         the website is meant to be used. In the case of the mobile will focus more on store locator, while on the         desktop sales should really be the focus point.


Assignment 06

Write several paragraphs answering the questions below and post to your WP blog.

1.     Who is your target audience?

Target audience is people between the ages of 16 and 35.  Although people with less or more age enjoy their products ill say that people that go to school and work are the one who usually go in the morning and after work/ school. 

2.     What are the business goals and objectives of the client?

The business goals are to serve higher than standard coffee (tea, and other products) for people who don’t really have the time to make it at home, or who just want to enjoy a hot or cold drink.

By adding the mobile website they will like to increase their sales, by making it easy for their customers to find a location or their products in a fast and easy way.

3.     Thinking about the concept of “Mobile First,” what are the primary things that a user will want to do on the mobile website?

In the case of The Coffee Bean &tea I will say that people mainly want:

  1. To find a location near them.
  2. Buy a specific item that they couldn’t find at the store or check ratings or comments on a product.
  3. Look for sales
  4. Find discounts and special promotions
  5. Check their account (balance on a card or gift cards)

4.     Which of those things from #3 are better suited for a tablet device and what things are better done from a Smartphone? Why?

I think that if you want to read reviews from other customers is better if you do it on a tablet because the screen is bigger and probability easy to read.

Although you can access store locator on both I think is more useful on your smart phone because your phone is always with you, while your tablet might not be with you at all times.  

5.     Based on lookup/find, explore/play, check-in/ status, and edit/create, what is the organization of your mobile site? What will you include in your navigation for the mobile website?

      I think on the home page I will include:

  1. Lookup/find: to find a store near you.
  2. Check-in/status: to let you friends know where you are (perhaps you could check in via facebook or twitter)

For the second landing page I will include:

  1. Explore/play: where you can look up your favorite coffees, tea or other products, and every customer can explore their favorite beverage (by watching the ingredients list) as well a customers will be able to play by customizing their drinks.
  2. Edit/ create: making your account. Where you can shop securely. As well you will be able to save your favorite products/ drinks for future reference.